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Major developments in Woodstock

Posted on 24 January 2012 by Stefan Blank

by Sybrandus Adema & Stefan Blank

There is no slowing Woodstock down. This year has already seen much happening in Roodebloem Road, more tenants moving into the Salt River Arcade and the Woodstock Foundry opening its doors. The Deckle Edge has also moved to its new premises in Sir Lowry Rd. and the Woodstock area has been earmarked for a major upgrade as one of the city’s improvement districts.

Blooming Roodebloem

Frangipani & Jamaica me Crazy

Roodebloem Road is in the midst of a blooming revival. Frangipani had a huge facelift last year, Jamaica me Crazy made its balcony Southeaster-proof and a few business properties welcomed building teams that restored them to their former beauty, but with modern twists. Number 81 went as far as lowering the boundary wall, so that the beautiful facade can be appreciated once more.

Next to it, on the corner with Salisbury Street, Prinz Productions is renovating Number 79, which will also include a new wrap-around balcony. Their offices will be upstairs, but downstairs the new owners, attracted by the eclectic mix of people living and working in the area, are looking for a tenant “that will run a deli/café where locals will come for coffee, a quick bite to eat, or simply a take away”.

Roodebloem Rd

Yoga & new art gallery?

Across the road, the building that’s seen Hoodwinx as it’s most recent entertainment incarnation, is up for sale. According to the agents, the interested parties thus far are considering it for an art gallery, restaurant or office space. Whatever the case, visitors can always take a breather by going next door to the Yokai studio for yoga and massage, which opened its doors last year in another gorgeous Victorian house.

New Woodstock Lounge

Further up the road, Woodstock Lounge is being revamped by the new, local owner – and will be serving lunch and dinner. Opened up to let in more light, repainted and refurbished, the plan is to cater for “the new influx of young professionals”. Pastas, pizzas and tapas, as well as pregos, salads and other offerings are on the cards. The name remains, and it will still be the place for televised sporting events.

Madame Zingara & Simply Asia & Namaste Chandani

Just below Nelson Mandela Boulevard, the three corners of Palmerston and Roodebloem will soon cater for even more culinary needs. Madame Zingara has taken over Don Pedros, now to be called “Don Pedros and his wives”. The place has been gutted to make way for a “fabulous, more feminine and unforgettable interior”.

Across the road, the “other” Mr Parker is closing down, as Simply Asia, the people that “combine fresh and nutritious food in a sleek yet simple setting”, are moving in. The “authentic Thai, made simple” will have its work cut out, because the eyesore on the third corner is hopefully giving birth to Namaste Chandani before winter. This sister restaurant to Chandani, further down Roodebloem, will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and offer a wide variety of different Indian cuisines.

West Street Café

The Woodstock Foundry

Located at the turnoff to the N1 (next to the Total garage), the Woodstock Foundry houses several venues. The brainchild of Alan West, who also runs the West Street Café, he plans to hold music events on Saturdays and other selected evenings. Already present are Olive which specialises in decor, Dear Rae, run by jeweller Karin Matthee who sells jewellery out of her studio, and a real honest to goodness foundry is in the works too.

Salt River Arcade

Following on from our previous article, we’re now entering the next phase with more stores opening in the ‘arcade’. The coffee shop run by Farhat Dolly and ably assisted by Julie is now open. They are still looking for a name and “Like My Father” or “Coffee at Salt Circle” are both in contention but she is still uncertain and some friendly suggestions or feedback are she assures us welcome.


The new coffeeshop in the Salt River Arcade

Also in the space is oh-lief, which makes and stocks its own natural baby and body products, run by Christine Buchanan and Louiza Rademan. Everything s homemade and totally organic.

Christine from Oh-Lief

Then we have a new kid’s lifestyle shop called Frekkle, run by Amanda Williamson & Sylvia Benoist which has everything from haircuts to boutique items under the new Frekkle brand.You may know them from their children’s clothing stalls at the Neighbourhood’s market.

Lexi Bechet has opened a confectionary which she describes as an old school sweat shop that uses only natural ingredients.  A very difficult shop to leave. The courtyard will also become a market (soon apparently) which should extend some of the success of the Biscuit Mill further outwards.

It’s an exciting time to be in Woodstock right now.



Photos by Ruan Benade, Thomas Mihal & Stefan Blank

And on another note, ILW wishes frequent collaborator Sybrandus Adema a well- earned one year sabbatical in India; though he promises to return to Woodstock next year. Let’s see how much Woodstock has changed by then.


13 Comments For This Post

  1. Janice bunn Says:

    Thank you for the very informative and comprehensive information. I live at No 78 Roodebloem Road and am very happy with all the changes/upgrades taking place around me.
    thanks again

  2. Rob van zyl Says:

    Well this a boon or a bane for local stockers?

    Has anyone considered the parking and traffic flow for roodebloem?
    Palmerston and Chamberlain residents may kiss easy parking outside their homes, goodbye.

  3. Elaina Vallegos Says:

    So is your answer to do nothing and accept the status que? The odds are insurmount-able so we should just accept the current system and learn to live within it?diablo 3 gold

  4. Carla Says:

    Woodstock is blooming! Have been a local for seven and a half years. These changes are exciting!

  5. Catharina Says:

    How about a new Woolworths food store? Maybe in Albert Road / close to the Foundry? It definitely would attract a lot more people which would also bring more customers to the Foundry’s shops?

  6. Restaurant Rennes Says:

    Really good site, keep on posting !

  7. scar*let nguni Says:

    Wow. I think I’m in love… with The Foundry. what an amazing space. Woodstock is my old ‘hood (before I moved in the wilderness in Scarborough) so it’s great to come back and see what’s been evolving. West Side Cafe put on a profoundly powerful gig with four ridiculously talented singer/songwriters: Nate Maingard, Tim Hutchinson, Miles Sievwright and Joshua Grierson… Make sure you catch the next Woodstock Acoustic Session!

  8. Cristiano Says:

    Woodstock is an amazing area and I love what is happeining here. It is by time these projects are being exectuted and is not anymore being ideas thrown around. Parabens a todos!!! Well Done to eveyone involved in building up the area again. Its an area with a long history and diverse culture. “Don Pedros”, what an amazing place. I have been going there since it opened up its doors years ago, and now WOW…. “Woodstock Lounge”, what can i say, good comments all way round. Can’t wait for the upcoming new venture at ‘Top Parker’. All the old memories are leading the path for the new ones. West Street Cafe; man oh man feels like down town New York. Well Done to everyone involved in these projects and keep it up. Like previously mentioned a woolies would not be a bad idea. Once Suggestion though – the parking in Roodebloem road is becoming an issue with customers parking at the tip of the ‘Stop Street’. A few minor incidents has occured so how can this resolved??

  9. warren Says:


    I have a marketing question for anyone interested in answering: The Palm Center is due for an upgrade. What elements would attract you or repel you to the Palm? What kind of shops would you like to visit? Markets? Sights, smells or sounds… Thanks in Advance!

  10. Ann Says:

    First moved into Woodstock just off Roodebloem in 2003. Don Pedro was our spot, looking forward to see what the Madame Zingara team does with it.

    Am in Upper Eastside now, have enjoyed living in the converted Bonwit clothing factory penthouse section for some years and watching the hotel being developed around us.

    Also love what’s happening in Woodstock. S&S, thanks for the comprehensive update.

    Warren, re The Palm: Think about this. People shop for furnishings once or twice a year, or less often. We eat and shop for food every day, meet with friends a few times a month. We shop for clothing at least once every few months.

    As it is at the moment I’d go to The Palm if I were looking for a sofa or new cushions or curtains which is unlikely to happen soon. Maybe next year or the year after.

  11. David van schalkwyk Says:

    I have just bought the Church at 12 Aberdeen str from Haldane Martin – The Winners Group is a full house Incentive travel and rewards company. I love how Woodstock is changing daily! I love the place!

  12. deborah Says:

    we have a design studio and love our ‘hood’ but concerned about our potential neighbours!!…anyone know what’s happening with the old FNB building at Salt River Circle?

  13. Wilma Says:

    Hi I am working at Deco Lodge and love what is happening in the area. My suggestion for the parking problem is to contact the Mountain Rd primary school and ask about parking on their school grounds at certain times of the day (after school hours).The new Tuk tuks can be contacted to operate say from 6 onwards from the school to Roodebloem Rd to drop patrons off and pick them up. (R5.00 a trip?) A job can also be created for a security/car guard to look after the cars that is parked on the school grounds.
    The Jan van Riebeeck school offers their school grounds for parking in Kloofstreet and has been doing so for many years. At one stage you were only allowed to park there if you were a patron at the Ocean Basket on Kloofstreet, but I think it is open for everyone at the moment. This is all happening after school hours. They have one security guard. I do not know who employs him and how he gets paid though. I also do not know if the school benefits in any way.

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