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Where to recycle your waste in Woodstock

Posted on 14 December 2011 by Ruan Benade

Recycling is a buzzword and everyone from individuals to government agree that we need to do more of it. Then why is it that I always have problems finding a recycling station? Every week I reduce my waste by more than 50% by separating recyclable material from organic and non-recyclable material. It amounts to a [...]

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How do you want to spend your tax money in Woodstock?

Posted on 22 September 2011 by Stefan Blank

It’s wish list time again! The discretionary budget for Subcouncil 15 (which includes Wards 51, 52, 53, 55, 56 & 57) will be allocated in the next few months for the period 1 July 2012 – 30 June 2013, which means if you have something you feel strongly about, you have until 21st October 2011 [...]

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The Woodstock Myciti bus terminal

Posted on 05 August 2011 by Stefan Blank

What does it mean for Woodstockians to use the MyCiti bus terminal? So you’ve heard about the MyCiti bus system, Cape Town’s new rapid bus service. You may even have traveled on one of the routes and marveled at the comfort and smoothness of the system. So what does this mean for people living in [...]

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